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Journey to Parenthood

Digital Heirlooms

Short films documenting intimate moments of love, family and birth stories. 


Theme your Journey:

Your Short film holds the potential to unfold through a variety of thematic lenses:

A Birth Story

Gender Reveals

Nursery Prep 

Family Milestone

& More...


What's Included:

Personalized storytelling featuring interviews with your family, produced through the following process:

  • Two consultations via zoom or in person.​

  •  Up to 8 hours to film and collaborate with you and your family to produce a digital short story. 

  •  Interviews or video blogs from expecting parents and/ or family members.

  •  A captivating short film up to 10 minutes. Shareable to social media platforms. 


Elevate your journey with our premium customizations, designed to enhance your experience and create unforgettable memories:

  • 10 Unedited raw clips & main highlights from footage.​ 

  • 25 Professional high resolution digital images. 

  • Premiere your film at NDDA Loft in Deep Ellum, TX.

  • Additional time to film content.


"We couldn't have had this experience represented in any other format."

-Jay & Marissa Chavez 

Linn Washington is a content producer and owner of boutique media agency, Linntvproductions. After relocating from NYC to Dallas, she found herself encouraged by Melissa, NDDA's inspirational leader to birth family stories into digital heirlooms. 

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