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Postpartum Services



" Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanely

" Postpartum doulas are trained to understand what new babies – and new parents – truly need. "  
~DONA International

Inclusive Birth

Traditionally and historically, the postpartum period was a "nesting period", when a new mother was attended to and taken care of by other experienced mothers, so that the new mom could focus on the vital tasks of postpartum recovery, emotional adjustment, and the transition into motherhood. 


Today few families have such support, and frequently become overwhelmed by the immense adjustment to parenthood. Additionally, we understand that not all parents identify the same, as we are grateful to serve many types of families within the safety of our practice.  

Postpartum Doulas gently guide and support families through this transition so that they may get off to the best start with their new baby.


Overnight hours are also available, but fill quickly and are best scheduled in advance. Feel free to call for a prenatal consultation, today!


We look forward to serving you.

Postpartum Doula

" parents sleeping "

Unlike a "Night Nurse", our postpartum doulas have extensive training on the postnatal recovery period and know the importance of providing specialized couplet care. We will not only focus on newborn care but also assist in  breast/chest feeding choices and scheduling, pumping and or formula feeding, sleep issues and solutions, meal prep and light house keeping to make the journey into new parenthood a calm, supported, and peaceful transition for the family as a whole. 

Supported Birth, Dallas
Meredith Lohse, IBCLC

This is not a journey you have to take alone....

  • Offer a listening ear to hear about your birth experience

  • Trained to educate and assess for postpartum mood disorders

  • Referrals to professionals dealing with mood disorders

  • Accompany new mom on first outing with baby, as this can be overwhelming

  • Organize comfortable environment to promote rest and recovery

  • Provide simple massage for relaxation

  • Provide comfort measures for moms recovering from cesarean birth

  • Encourage recovery by providing nutritious snacks and drinks for mom

  • Provide feeding support if overnight services are provided (bring baby to mom)

  • Help to minimize household responsibilities to promote mother's rest

  • and bonding time with baby

Physical & Emotional Support:

Donna Meredith, postpartum Doula

A Postpartum Doula may also provide support for older siblings as they adjust to life with a new addition. Your doula may attend to simple household tasks such as tidying up the nursery, stocking diapers, preparing bottles, providing a comfortable environment, and preparing light meals to promote nutrition.  The Postpartum Doula will provide a wealth of resources and support for new moms in the community.  

Many expectant families anticipate the help of a mother or mother-in-law or other family members; while family can provide wonderful help, they may not always be trained or up to date on current evidence based research and recommendations. Which can make it difficult to offer the best objective support to the new family. We encourage you to get the most support you can throughout this exciting and overwhelming time! 

Birth Diversity
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