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Lactation Services



" Nourish the body, feed the soul "

North Dallas Doulas Melissa Espey Mueller

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful, yet challenging experience. Likewise, you may decide to breast or bottle feed, do a combination of both; or to pump exclusively. 

The good news is, we are here to support you whatever YOUR chosen journey. 

Here at North Dallas Doula Associates, we have 5 Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants to assist you in discovering what works best for you and your family.

Our experienced team offers in home lactation consultations, as well as, in office options for your convenience. Many insurance companies will cover a visit with an IBCLC and we can provide you with everything you need in advance to make that process as easy as possible. 

Additionally, if you are preparing to re-lactate or induce lactation, we can assist you in developing a proactive plan.

Schedule your pre-delivery lactation planning session today!

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What to expect during a consultation?

  • Oral exam of baby

  • Examination of Breast

  • Pre-and post-feed weight checks

  • Feeding observation

  • 48 hour care plan and physician report

  • Discuss a plan to meet your breastfeeding goals

  • Practice positioning and proper latch

  • Answer questions you may have and provide information

  • Age appropriate guidance on introducing solids and weaning

  • Phone, email or text follow-up

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You will learn:

  • breastfeeding positioning and proper latch

  • when and how to pump

  • how to supplement if planned or necessary

  • how to manage engorgement

  • how to avoid sore nipples and infections

  • how to measure your babies output

  • what changes to expect in your baby

  • how your partner can be helpful and included

  • what to do when your baby has jaundice

  • what to eat during the postpartum phase

  • how to stop milk production 

  • breastfeeding after breast reduction or augmentation 

  • and much more

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