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North Dallas Doula Associates

" Guiding families through childbirth since 1999"
Birth Doula Services

Empower yourself with an informed and supported birth experience. With over 20 years of service and more than 5000 births attended, guiding families through childbirth is our honor, our gift, and our calling.  

Postpartum Doula Services

Embrace the potential of a restful, nourished, non-judgmental, and connected postpartum period. With the assistance of a postpartum doula, the path into new parenthood does not have to be walked alone. 

Lactation Support Services

Encourage a successful, satisfying  feeding journey for you and your child. Allow us to share in your strengths and your struggles. Our expert team of Board Certified Lactation Consultants are here to support you every step of the way. 

Placenta Encapsulation Services

Elevate your innate ability to heal,  recover and replenish your postpartum mind, body, and spirit through the ancient art of placenta encapsulation. 

Prenatal Education Services

Educate yourself with our award winning, inclusive, class offerings and discover the possibilities of a fear free childbirth. Let us help you feel as prepared as possible for your birth and postpartum experience.

Our Mission

"To promote, support, and preserve the nature of birth by educating and empowering all families through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond”

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Our Story

North Dallas Doula Associates, also known as NDDA, was founded in 1999, by Melissa Espey-Mueller and has become the largest and most award winning doula practice in Dallas, Texas; specializing in customized, non-judgmental, intentional and inclusive support to the families of DFW.


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Peace on Earth begins at Birth

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Start your journey now & connect with us below:


ALL birthing people have the RIGHT to experience BIRTH, to maintain dignity, health equity and body autonomy, no matter their relationship status, race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  NDDA offers non judgmental, trauma informed, collaborative care that focuses on the unique personal experience of each individual that we are honored to serve. 

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