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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." ~William Shakespeare

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North Dallas Doula Associates, also known as NDDA, was founded in 1999, by Melissa Espey-Mueller and has become the most award winning doula practice in Dallas. NDDA was the first established doula practice in the metroplex and continues to provide customized, boutique style, experiences to the families that we serve. Our collective philosophy is one of open mindedness. We understand the unpredictability of birth and the importance of emotional and physical support throughout the process. We, at NDDA, share a deep understanding of the honor bestowed upon us in accompanying a family through such an intimate and miraculous time. North Dallas Doula Associates is highly skilled, extensively trained, and completely committed, to providing our clients with every luxury and amenity needed to facilitate their desired birth plan.

NDDA has changed the way some physicians and nurses view doulas, by facilitating the birth team approach and by establishing strong relationships with many prestigious care providers and hospitals in the area. Melissa and NDDA are reputable and well known for not promoting an "us against them" atmosphere and working in tandem with the entire team, thus providing a complete circle of care.


Melissa was recognized, nominated, and voted "Best Doula in Dallas" by Dallas Child Magazine in 2013 & 2015. NDDA went on to win The Red Tricycle "Totally Awesome Award" for best midwives and doulas and the "Parents Choice Award 2015" by Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine; a national award presented to the best in the field of Doula. In 2016 for the first time ever, an entire practice, North Dallas Doula Associates, won "BEST DOULAS in DALLAS" by Dallas Child Magazine and went on to win "Best Doula in Dallas" and "Best Childbirth Class in Dallas" in 2017 and "Best Doula in Dallas" for the 5th & 6th time in 2018 & 2019.


North Dallas Doula Associates practices with passion and grace. We have attended over 3000 deliveries and have over 20 years experience, conjointly. When you work with one of our doulas you are being supported, behind the scenes, by every member of our team.


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