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Labor Support Services


  • Your doula will meet with you and your partner for an initial consult and answer all your questions

  • Your doula will discuss your feelings, hopes, and intention in regard to your upcoming delivery

  • Once you have retained NDDA, we will immediately be on call for you.

  • Your doula is available to answer questions or help you with concerns by phone or by email.

  • Your doula will offer advice on reading material and childbirth birth classes and upcoming events in your area

  • Your doula will meet you in home or in office to assist you in creating your birth plan

  • Your doula can meet you at your home for laboring prior to moving to a birth center or hospital

  • NDDA doulas will provide breathing and relaxation techniques, visualization, massage, pressure point and counter pressure, productive positional changes, encourage beneficial movements and facilitate continuous support throughout labor.

  • Your doula will remain with you post delivery to help with your initial breastfeeding experience

  • Your attending birth doula will visit you in home, after delivery, to answer post partum questions and to reflect on your birth experience.

  • You will have the option of additional lactation help from our Board Certified Lactation Consultant in your home for additional visits.

Postpartum Support Services


  • Your doula will be available to you as soon as you leave the hospital or as needed

  • Your doula will help with baby care, basic breastfeeding, and healthy sleep practices.

  • Your doula will allow for a quicker recovery for mom

  • Your doula will help with siblings

  • She will perform light housekeeping & errands

  • She will serve as a Mommy mentor

  • She will assist in building healthy attachment to mom and dad

  • She will help moms prepare to return to work

Antepartum Support Services


  • Your doula will assist the mother experiencing a challenging pregnancy

  • Your doula will offer educational and emotional support

  • She will help with light house cleaning and errands

  • She will help with meal preparation

  • She will help prepare for baby's arrival

  • Your doula is available for sibling assistance

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