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Melissa Espey~Mueller

Birth Doula, Educator, Speaker,

Owner & Founder of

North Dallas Doula Associates

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Melissa has been serving families as a Doula for almost 20 years and is the founder and owner of North Dallas Doula Associates. She is an experienced Childbirth Educator, the Director of Parent Education at Medical City Las Colinas, and a Gynecologic Teaching Associate through Texas A&M University. She is a DONA and ProDoula trained, master level birth doula, and mother of 5, ages 13-24.  Melissa worked as lead childbirth educator and assistant to the coordinator of parent education at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas* for 8 years. Prior to her role in education she was on staff at OBGYN Associates of Dallas*, and previous to that she worked in Hospice care at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas*, where she continues to cultivate strong ties to her Baylor family. She has gone on to become a requested, guest speaker and educator for the Louise Herrington School of nursing*, and the Association of Women's Health,Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses*. She serves as an educator and mentor for internationally certifying doulas and offers training's specific to labor and delivery interns and nurses. Melissa loves sharing her knowledge about respectful and dignified birth practices,  supporting survivors of sexual and physical assault and practicing intentional care of women and people of color, as well as, the LGBTQ community.


Primarily practicing in Dallas, she has attended thousands of births and works with midwives and physicians, alike. Melissa has attended over 500 VBACS, as well as, many twin, triplet, and high risk deliveries. She also attends and facilitates family centered, repeat and planned Csections. Her birth philosophy consists of being “open” to the unpredictability of birth, trusting your body, and letting go of fear. She believes that the best birth is a supported and informed birth and that every person has the right to discover and find power in their birth experience.


In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children and husband of 21 years, reading, writing on her blog, playing piano, riding her peloton, and connecting mind and body through meditation,intention, and prayer. As a survivor of family violence she feels strongly about giving back to her community and has served on the board of a local domestic violence center, where she volunteers her time as a motivational speaker, educating and empowering woman. Melissa schedules complimentary consults in the NDDA office Monday through Friday.


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