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Marissa trained and DONA certified as a doula in high school with the intention to serve teen mothers. By the time she graduated and became a student at TWU, she had seen enough deliveries to solidify her desire to become a nurse.  Marissa is currently studying to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Her attentive nature and warm presence will be a calming energy to her patients, just as it is to her doula clients. 

Marissa is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Naomi, who she delivered unmediated with her doula and mentor, Melissa, by her side. Her own delivery continued to PUSH her toward her ultimate goal & mission to serve and support all women and families. Marissa’s great joys come from spending time with family and friends as well as being a mother, partner, sister and daughter. 

Marissa has been practicing as a doula for over 5 years and we are so grateful she calls NDDA home.

 Marissa Chavez
  Birth Doula

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