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Madison Prez
irth Doula
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


Madison Prez is a Madriella certified birth doula and NDDA trained placenta encapsulation specialist. The self-proclaimed “fun aunt,” she found her way to birth work and motherhood unexpectedly. She is a survivor of rape, as well as a separate attempted kidnapping while studying abroad her senior year of college. After leaving school following this second traumatic incident, she spent many years working in the service industry. She was employed in unique places from Yellowstone National Park to the Steamboat Natchez in New Orleans. Though she had great adventures, she never felt truly fulfilled.


The solitude and reliance on family that she experienced during the pandemic led to a shift in Madison’s mentality, so when she found out she was pregnant during that period, she somehow felt ready to be a mother.  She tirelessly researched all things baby and birth.  The information she found was vast and often contradictory. With the help of her midwives and doula, she was prepared for, and confident about her birth in a way that she had never been about anything in her life.  She learned that birth is complex and difficult, but can ultimately be a source of strength and healing.  


Madison seeks to empower women and families to make the choices that serve their circumstances best in order to achieve a birth that instills the same sense of confidence and achievement that she found through her own.  She feels privileged to share the transformative experience of birth with families and strives to be a well of kindness, empathy, and knowledge throughout the whole process.


Madison has always sought to set an example that empowers other women. From being the only girl on her childhood baseball team, to hosting all-girls skateboarding sessions on her backyard ramp, she believes in the resilience of the female body and spirit. She will always be your biggest cheerleader. She is currently a world-ranked skateboarder and was selected to represent Team USA at the 2022 World Skate Games in Argentina.  In her free time she enjoys cooking, camping, and of  course spending time with her partner Will and her adored son Wyland.

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