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Frequently Asked Questions


Does a doula take the place of my loved ones? 
  • As your doula, we strive to provide support to both the mother and her loved ones.  The pressence of a doula can allow the father to support mom in the manner in which he is most comfortable.  Some father's chose to be very active in providing physical support while others feel they will be the most helpful by providing loving, emotional support.  A doula helps fathers determine and fill their unique role.

  • For more information on Dads and Doula, please read DONA International's Topic Sheet: Dads and Doulas: Key Players on Mother's Labor Support Team


Won't the nurses be able to help me?
  • Labor and Delivery nurses are an invaluable resource  and many of them enjoy spending one-on-one time with laboring moms.  However, nurses have many other responsibilities that limit thier ability to focus on a mom's physical and emotional needs.  Nurses have clinical tasks, paperwork and even other patients that may take them from mom's side.  A doula's primary focus is on the laboring mom- she is with the mom consistently.  A doula's constant pressence allows her to recognize small changes in mom's response to labor and make recomendations before it escalates. 


Do I need a doula if I plan on getting an epidural?
  • Yes. A doula can be beneficial to you even if you plan to get an epidural. She can offer you comfort measures and emotional support preceeding the regional anesthesia and then will be there to assist in turning you frequently after you have received your block. She will remain with you to offer help while pushing and then post partum for the intitail breastfeeding.


When should I hire a doula?
  •  Many women look for a doula early in their third trimester; however, it is never too early or too late.  If you hire a doula early in your pregnancy, she will be available by phone and e-mail to answer common questions that come up during pregnancy.  Chosing your doula early also helps to ensure that she is available for your due date.  Generally, we like to have a contract signed by 37-38 weeks at the latest.  This allows your doula to hold your estimated due date on her calender and schedule a prenatal meeting to discuss your birth preferences.  Exceptions may be made based on availability. 


When do you join a woman in labor?
  • Most frequently, your doula will join you at the onset of active labor and once a good contraction pattern has been established.  Often times this is when laboring mothers first reach the hospital.  Your doula may also provide support during early labor when mutual assessment deems it benificial, as in the case of extended early labor.

  • In the case of an elective induction, your doula will join you once active labor begins.


What happens if you are not available at the time of my birth?
  • When you sign a contract, you are hiring that specific doula and she will make every attempt to attend your birth.  However, if an unforseen circumstance should arise, the doulas of North Dallas Doula Associates work together to provide back-up services as necessary.  The NDDA doulas all have similar philosophies, styles and training.  You may chose to speak with a back-up doula by phone prior to your birth and she will be provided with details of your birth plan if necessary.


May we call you with questions before or after the birth?
  • In addition to the in-person meetings included in our services, our doulas are available by both phone and e-mail prior to and after the birth.  Our doulas make every effort to return non-labor related messages within 48 hours.  Additional in-person visits may be scheduled for a small fee. 


Does insurance cover a Doula?
  • Depending on your plan and specific coverage. Some insurance companies will cover the services of a certified doula. After payment has been made, we will provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursment. 


What training do you have?
  •  NDDA are DONA trained birth Doulas.  They have met all requirements toward certification and will provide both client and doctor referrences upon request.  For more information about the certification requirements please visit

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