Chelsea Wolfington is a DONA trained birth doula and certified childbirth educator. Her specialty as a doula is adaptability and maintaining a sense of calm. Chelsea has a natural ability to foster a cohesive relationship within the birth team and create a calm, positive birth environment.


She and her husband went through several years of fertility treatments before conceiving their son through IVF. The experience of fertility treatments, pregnancy, and childbirth steered Chelsea in the direction of birth work and childbirth education. She uses the critical thinking and knowledge she gained from getting her BS in Criminal Justice and her deep sense of responsibility to find ways to help people within the medical system. Her passion as a birth worker is supporting marginalized birthing people by helping them create the perfect birth team and encouraging them to find the power of their own voice. 


Chelsea is also the co-founder of Labor of Love Denton, a non-profit whose goal is to strengthen our birthing community through education and cooperation. Labor of Love Denton provides resources to individuals through its website and by creating fun, informative events throughout the year. 


Chelsea is excited and ready to serve any role a birthing person may need during their pregnancy and birth - counselor, guide, space holder, cheerleader, supporter, and nurturer. 

 Chelsea Wolfington
  Birth Doula,
Co-Founder Labor of Love

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