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 Britt Herron 

  Birth Doula,


Britt is a Madriella certified birth doula and educator. She graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Near Eastern Studies and fell in love with teaching while traveling and volunteering abroad with organizations focused on education and empowerment of women and girls in the Middle East and North Africa. She went onto pursue a career in education and a masters degree from the University of Colorado, and now brings her passion for teaching and learning to all things related to pregnancy and childbirth, with a particular interest in maternity-related equity and social justice.


Growing up with a mother who was an obstetric nurse, Britt has always been fascinated by learning about childbirth but it was after the birth of her son, Dex that her intellectual curiosity sparked into a deeper passion and ultimately led her to a career supporting birthing people and their families through this precious season of life. She believes that having an positive, empowered birth experience is not related to how or where you choose to give birth, but is dependent upon being equipped with the confidence that comes from education and true informed consent, trust in your incredible body and your own innate abilities, and loving support from your family and birth team. She brings equal parts super-nerdy mind and super-loving heart to this work, and is honored to be a part of the incredible team of birth workers at NDDA!


After living life as an active-duty Army family for many years relocating everywhere from Tokyo to Hawaii to Georgia (and more in between!), the Herron family is grateful to have recently settled in Richardson. Britt gave birth to her son Dex in 2018 and daughter Emerson in 2020. She has been absolutely humbled by the transition to parenthood and eager to answer what she feels is a calling to build community and connection by supporting others in their journeys as well.