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 Bethany Boland
 Birth Doula

A Dallas native, but also a new Dallas resident, Bethany Grace has just moved back home after living in Nashville, TN where she and a friend co-founded her first baby, Hello Mama Nashville birthing services. Her fascination for the prenatal and postpartum journey began when her passion for nutrition, fitness, women empowerment, and all things natural found themselves having common ground. The more research she did on things like prenatal nutrition, birth and how intricately fitness intertwines with pregnancy – the more evidence she found, and the more evidence she found, the less she could keep her mouth shut! It was finally when a friend said to her, “Bethany.. not everyone listens to placenta podcasts while they’re doing laundry,” that she realized it was time to pray about what the Lord’s intentions were with these passions. To say the Lord “called” her to it, is to put it discreetly - when she heard Him say she was supposed to be a doula, she froze and dropped her laundry basket. From that day forward, she has walked down the most intriguing path, towards the inspiring birth world. Fast forward to now – after a whole lot of discernment, answered prayers and the Lord’s KIND direction, she’s made it back home to Dallas, and was pointed right to the front door of NDDA. Her mission here as your birth doula is to be non-judgmental, supportive, unbiased, and informative as you give her the honor of holding your hand throughout this intimate season. The word doula in itself means “woman servant” and it is just that, that brings her such honor and joy to be for you. 

Though she’s loved the birth world for some time, Bethany Grace is a new mama herself to her daughter, Wonder Augustine. She and her husband Jason live in Flower Mound - and can most commonly be found in the backyard with a Cabernet and a conversation, listening to Norah Jones. 

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