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Ann Myhre is a 3 time NDDA client turned DONA trained birth doula. She originally received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from University California Irvine, but her passion for both birth and maternal mental health shifted her career focus. Ann believes all birthing people should feel informed, empowered and fully supported during this transformational time. She also believes all families should be supported equally and fairly. Ann became passionate about birth and postpartum support after her first child. It was through the NDDA supportive community and her personal transition into motherhood that made Ann realize how important and valuable a doula is. After her 3rd and final child, she realized this was her calling in life.

When Ann is not meeting with clients or at a birth, she enjoys her quiet early mornings, matcha lattes, pilates before sunrise and raising her 3 children in Dallas with her husband, James.  Originally hailing from the Midwest, she has spent the last 14 years planting her roots in Texas and growing her family. Ann looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your desires for your upcoming birth.

 Ann Myhre
Birth Doula,

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