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Alice Blazek is a registered nurse with over 20 years of labor and delivery experience. Alice made the decision to leave the hospital setting to pursue her passion of assisting women and families who are seeking a more intentional and informed experience. She is very dedicated to women's health  and strives to stay current on all aspects of research from fertility health to prenatal, birth, and family-centered postpartum support.

Alice has a deeply rooted love for holistic health practices and alternative therapies . She has extensive knowledge and training in the use of essential oils to compliment and accentuate the birth environment, as well as, assist with needs in labor.


Alice is a devoted teacher who enjoys educating families and providing them with information to make the best decisions for their birth.  She received her childbirth education training through  Lamaze International and has had additional training with ProDoula for labor support. Alice also sought training to support families experiencing loss through Stillbirth Day for birth and bereavement care and received credentials through IPPA for postpartum support. She brings an array of experience to NDDA as well as a lighthearted and open spirit.

Alice and her husband have five homeschooling children, from teen to toddler, and feel blessed (most days) to be allowed to be the ringleader of their circus! She looks forward to meeting you and helping you to discover YOUR best birth!


Alice Blazek

Registered Nurse, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Essential Oil Consultant

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